FSN Minecraft Server

Play with your friends! Team up in various game modes and have fun!

Game Modes


Become the best faction of the server! Build the biggest faction base and defeat all your enemy's! 

Team up with friends!

What is factions without friends? You can't defeat an army on your own! Play with your friends!. 

Versus modes

Play various fun versus modes against other players like Skywars, Team Death Match, Capture the flag, etc.

Be The Best player!

Show yourself from your best side and turn the tide of battle! You may even win some extra's on the server! 


Zombie survival, who doesn't like that? Team up with players on some cool maps and challange yourself!

Survive the longest!

Get the highest round possible! Kill the most zombies! Get the best weapons! and you may even find some easter eggs. 


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